Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to crank-monkey.

Welcome to my little and messy blog call crank-monkey. Childhood dream's, fishing, cycling and fun it's all my kind own way's. Actually I'm jobless right now. Had time, so maybe I just try this thing call blogging. Simple sharing true you,my friend's.
Excited when thinking about those comment gonna come... if there's any 'lah'.......but it's still OK all just post your comment in your blog, then send the link to me. Actually I've never follow any blog.....sorry guys, but I do attach my self to a fishing forum and one biking web that base from Malaysia. I'll post the story later on.

If you asking why this blog is in English. Well the answer is I'm going international.....beside who can forget their English teacher. I discover's in English class.

Monkey tail.
Fishing is one of the thing that been bothering me almost every days. Done it since kid and never had enough of it...addicted.

...says no evil..
Bike riding is always fun. Sweat , anxiety, concentration, adrenalin rush and sky-hi fun when you can really bring the best from your bike. Me, I'm riding almost everyday. I call it urban freeriding.

Uh....Introductions......messy ah? Couldn't wait how my first post will look like . And some more, don't hesitated to punch a comment. At the moment, I'm doing some thing for my next post. And thanks a lot for having of your time to view on to my little blog call crank-monkey. Bye.